Your Quick Loan up to € 1000

Zaloan Bank is a financial company specialized in personal loans that operates online and with which you can get a quick loan of up to 1,000 euros.

With this company, the first loan for new clients is free, because they do not pay any kind of commission. It is a way to promote your personal loans to people who do not know them yet.

The application process is very simple, you just have to fill out the online questionnaire that you will find on their official website and they will give you an answer almost immediately.

Zaloan Bank is a company that belongs to Zaloan Group, a financial group with presence in 23 countries, including Spain.

Your credit form covers two forms: Microloans and credit lines

Zaloan Bank offer:

Zaloan Bank offer:

Zaloan gives new clients loans up to 300 euros and when you return it you do not have to pay interest or fees. It is part of your marketing campaign to get new customers. The only requirement imposed on you is that you have to return the money before 30 days, as you have agreed. Another product with equal promotion is the Vivus loan

It is true that the amount they provide, up to 1000 euros but that in successive loans until they see that you return the money at the agreed time and you are a good payer, is what they call “increased credit confidence”

Zaloan loans and their requirements

Zaloan is one of the few companies that require an endorsement or have a payroll to grant a money credit. It is the financial companies that require fewer requirements:

  • Be between 25 and 75 years old
  • Be a bank account holder
  • Reside legally in Spain
  • Provide a mobile phone number
  • Have the DNI or NIE in force at the time of the request
  • Not listed in FCI listings

If you appear in any of the lists of previous defaulters, the option that you have is that you resort to the list of loans with asnef that I have selected.

How do I apply for a personal loan at Zaloan?

How do I apply for a personal loan at Zaloan?

The application procedure is very simple and it will take you just a couple of minutes to complete the questionnaire, very different from all the bureaucracy that the bank requires for a lifetime:

  1. You enter Zaloan Bank by clicking here
  2. You select the amount of money you need and indicate the term in which you will return it. If you are a new client they will only let you ask for up to 300 euros (if you are a consolidated customer you can ask for up to 1000 euros)
  3. Fill your personal data and your bank details.
  4. Online identification (to ensure Zaloan that your identity is true)

How is the loan repaid to Zaloan?

How is the loan repaid to Zaloan?

With this company you have 3 ways to make the return of the borrowed money:

  1. From your personal panel of Zaloan: It is the fastest way, you enter your private or personal area and select the option to pay and then the instant payment option.
  2. By bank transfer: You make a simple bank account that you indicate (do not forget to reflect your name and ID to identify who is returning a loan)
  3. Income in cash: You go to the bank with which the company worked and you enter the amount of the operation

The extensions of Zaloan

The extensions of Zaloan gives the possibility of granting extensions (if you are not going to be able to fulfill in the foreseen term, it is better to ask for an extension than to face the consequences for not returning the money in the term indicated)

They grant 2 extensions of the return period, each one of 15 calendar days.

You must send the request to extend the return period, 5 days before the expiration date arrives (through SMS or mail they will confirm or deny the extension)

This extension is accompanied by a fee, so I recommend that before requesting it, you should contact your customer service department to determine it.