Fast Credits Without Papers

If you have ever asked for a loan, you will be well informed that the bank does not get tired of asking for papers and more papers that justify what we are earning or entering each month. What the bank intends is to have the most information to know if our economic situation or solvency, will allow us to return the borrowed money plus the interest and in the agreed time or expiration of the credit.

Can I request an urgent credit without paperwork?

Can I request an urgent credit without paperwork?

It depends, if what you are looking for is to solve a small amount payment, then you can request an urgent microcredit online and in that case, you can ask for the loan without papers, or many documents do not give too many explanations of why you want the money. In these cases, with which you indicate the personal data, name, surname, address and ID, it is possible that they will give you the money without payroll, or endorsement, without property and without sending them documents. That yes, you will be asked to provide a photocopy of the ID and the savings booklet to enter the money quickly.

But as we say these cases of getting fast money without papers, it will be only in the case of mini-loans that are amounts up to 500 euros and that they will charge you very expensive interest since you have to return the money in a very short time, before the 30 days and paying a heavy commission.

In these cases of credits up to 600 euros and even up to 1,500 euros in some online financial as CashMo, the money is requested all via online through a form that these financiers have on their website where you only have to detail your personal information, name and Surname, address and the number of your savings book. It is also necessary to provide a mobile phone that is active and with balance on the line along with an email.

Once you have provided this information in the web form, you are immediately answered and if the credit is accepted, in 10 minutes you pay the money in your account with the bank. The disadvantage of these minicredit is that they are small amounts, but you always have the recourse to ask more than one financial, which are returned in a very short time (maximum 30 days) and are very expensive.

Before Going Online, consult your bank, it will always be more reliable and cheaper

Request an urgent loan without paperwork of 5,000, 6,000 or up to 10,000 euros

If the amount of money you need is more than 500 or 600 euros, then the procedure to follow is the usual, and regardless of whether you ask for the loan in a bank or do it in a financial, you must provide all the documentation and originals before the signature to check that the documents are authentic. For this reason, we can affirm that there are no urgent credits without paperwork, unless the money is requested at the same bank where the payroll is collected and the entity itself already has all the information about us.

What if you will find web platforms that are dedicated to intermediate loans between individuals in which the requests of people seeking money are collected and analyzed by the scoring system of the web and made available to other private lenders who decide to invest a percentage in each of the requests that are offered based on the guarantee and the profitability of the same.

In these platforms it is usual to reach up to 6,000 euros as is the case of Comunitae and although it is not as immediate as in the case of fast loans without papers, you can get the money without using a bank.

Loans without paperwork are only possible in online mini-credits for small amounts

How to get fast money without paperwork and where:

How to get fast money without paperwork and where:

In order to request urgent money without documentation or without paperwork, we have to differentiate between the so-called Quick Mini-loans online granted by online financiers who are dedicated to grant small amounts of money generally up to 800 euros and whose return period is 30 days and those who they are of greater amount like 3.000 or 6.000 euros and superior amounts that offer the online financiers whose operation is similar to the one of the traditional banks and that have greater term to give back the money.

In the case of fast Mini-credits online as we say they offer up to 800 euros and they pay you the money instantly in less than 15 minutes with credit in your savings book. The application procedure for these microcredits is simple and agile.

Just enter the website of the entity and leave your personal information and what you enter each month. All in a fast way without presenting documents or papers and in some cases without having payroll or endorsements and sometimes being in Asnef.

Requirements for Loans without Papers

Requirements for Loans without Papers

It is possible to ask for a loan with few papers and it is not essential to have a payroll but we always have to provide some kind of documentation to identify ourselves and show that we can pay. In the same way, there are norms or laws that require certain conditions to be met. and These are the minimum requirements:

  • Be of legal age. However, credits are usually admitted from the age of 21 and up to a maximum of 70 years.
  • Live in Spain with a residence permit. That is, not live temporarily and without permission. It is justified with the DNI or with the Residence Card.
  • Have an operative mobile phone to receive the communications from the financier.
  • Have an email to receive contracts and other documents.
  • Demonstrate regular or periodic income to pay the credit.
  • Not having outstanding or unpaid debts with another entity.
  • Have an open bank account to receive the money.

Companies that grant Credits without paperwork

Companies that grant Credits without paperwork

Some of these entities that grant Mini Loans at the moment are Rebanko that grants up to 800 euros with a term of 30 days without payroll or endorsement. Creditomovil up to 700 euros to return maximum 45 days, without payroll or endorsements and has service Saturdays and Sundays. Hypocredit Up to 800 euros in 30 days and the first loan of 300 euros free without interest as a promotion.
For the case of online Quick Credits without paperwork of greater amounts, ie loans of 3,000, 6,000 euros and more, the procedures are somewhat longer and you have to send documentation so they are more paper credits and take longer to answer. Also in these cases it will almost always be necessary to sign a loan contract before a Notary.

Some of these online financial services that offer fast online loans are Cofidis 6,000 euros within 48 hours or Cetelem up to 20,000 euros without ending the time of granting the money.

Keep in mind the high cost of online mini-credits before you ask for money. Your APR exceeds 3,000%

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Credits without Papers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Credits without Papers

The main advantage of the fast online loans without reliable documentation is the simplicity in the processing. You just have to enter the website of the online financial institutions that are dedicated to grant urgent loans with instant payment and leave personal data, a mobile phone number and an email and without forgetting the speed in the collection of credit cash They mostly deliver the money in less than 10 minutes.

Another advantage is that it is not necessary to present a payroll and they are online loans without endorsement and without properties. Sometimes they also grant the money while in debt if the debt is small amount up to 1000 euros. In addition, some Entities in the first operation authorize the free mini-credit without interest or commissions as a promotion to attract customers.

When requesting these Mini-loans in addition to being able to do it without paperwork, there is no need to explain why we want the money since they do not ask about the destination of the funds.

Problems and disadvantages of undocumented credits

The downside of Instant Mini-credits is that they are quite expensive in the amount to be returned because although they do not set an interest rate, the amount charged between commissions, expenses and interest results in a very large TAE over 3,000%.

Another drawback is the short term to return the capital plus interest so you have to calculate well if we can return the money at expiration to avoid problems. However, although they are very expensive if we can consider them fast and reliable loans.

Finally and as a tip, if a particular person through the Internet, offers to give you that money quickly and without asking for documents, and most importantly, asks for money before handing over the credit, distrust it for sure It will be a scam. In the online financial that are dedicated to lend money by fast loans without papers will be very expensive interest in the usury but at least we can not consider them scams because they inform you of what they will charge and at least the money they lend it to you.