Ask for loans up to 600 euros

The credit company GoodieMoney belongs to the multinational DFC Global Corporation which is one of the leading companies in the concession of money in the form of short-term loans with millions of customers, and which has settled strongly in Spain, and is very common watch TV ads offering their financial products.

GoodieMoney grants quick loans without making paperwork of up to 600 euros in just 10 minutes after having completed and sent the corresponding form, thus becoming one of the best companies to apply for fast online loans without payroll or endorsement, which opens the doors to Many people who need funding urgently.

Two other companies that grant quick loans without endorsement or payroll are the microcredits of Hypocredit and Creditlovu (this being two of my preferred entities to ask for quick loans)

Online loan application up to 600 euros

Online loan application up to 600 euros

It is very easy to request online credits to GoodieMoney, it is enough to visit their website and in the form they have created for this purpose enter the amount of money you want (from 50 to 600 €) as well as the return period (at most one month)

Then fill in the personal data as well as phone, mobile and the bank account number where you want to deposit the money.

Once your application has been studied, they will send you an SMS so that you accept the offer they make and by mail they will send you the contract that covers the loan, and then they will deposit the money. That’s how easy it is to apply for a quick credit to GoodieMoney.

If this is the first time that you request a loan, the company agents will have to study your case, and therefore the answer period may be delayed a few more hours (they work from 9 to 5 in the afternoon). A different thing is if it were the Second time you request money urgently because your computer system would carry out the entire process.

The first immediate loan granted will be a maximum of 200 euros and if you return it as agreed, when you apply for another loan the limit will be 400 euros and for the third loan the limit you can request is 600 euros.

Requirements to get a loan GoodieMoney

Requirements to get a loan GoodieMoney

Many people are stuck with the loan when they apply for credit is they can not submit a copy of the payroll because they do not work and not even a guarantor, but that problem does not exist with this financial institution because to grant you the credit they will not even ask you if you work or not, and even less if you have payroll or pension. Although from what I understand, they are going to demand that you justify that you have regular income.

To be a suitable candidate for approval you must be of legal age and live in Spain, have a mobile phone and email account as well as not appear as a debtor in the list of defaulters managed by Equifixer and, of course, as owner of a bank account because that’s where the money will be transferred to you.

Return of Loans

Return of Loans

There are two ways to return the money delivered, either through a cash deposit in the bank account they indicate or through a bank transfer.

One thing that I liked a lot is that if you return the money before the scheduled date, you will only be charged interest for the days you have actually had the money, not for the maximum period originally planned.

If you find any errata in this article or in the rest of the articles that make up our loan comparison, let me know, since I do not have any link with the companies that appear here and I simply scan the network to collect the offers that I find most attractive in As for quick credits so that the reader has the widest information and thus decides which one best suits their needs.