The best Online Quick Credits without payroll or endorsement

Currently there are several alternatives to get a quick credit through the so-called online microcredits or loans of small amounts and then you can compare and choose from a large list of companies or financial institutions online that make immediate credit operations, the best loan of money You need from € 100 to € 10,000 to choose the credit that best suits your needs.

For requests for miniloan up to 600 euros and in some cases up to 1,500 euros, the payment of money in your account is done immediately in 10 minutes. For credit operations from 1,500 euros to 10,000, the credit will need at least 24 hours and more paperwork and paperwork.

List of Quick Credits without payroll or endorsement

List of Quick Credits without payroll or endorsement

Comparative table of mini-loans and mini-loans.

What are Microcredits or Mini-loans?

What are Microcredits or Mini-loans?

In recent years, through advertisements on television and on the internet, the Mini-credits have been widely publicized, referring to those offers of Loan operations of small amounts that are useful to get out of certain difficulties of daily expenses at home. This form of financing has been very successful in restrictCreditoriols from granting loans to individuals and SMEs.

However, the concept of Microcredit is prior to these times of crisis and with a different meaning to that which we detail of small loans for urgent payments and granted by online financiers.

According to the wikipedia, Microcredits began in 1983 with the Grameen Bank born to help poor and marginalized people offering them a means of living through small grants. The United Nations declared 2005 as the International Year of Microcredit and is currently used as a tool to reduce poverty.

How to request the Quick Mini-Loans Online without paperwork

How to request the Quick Mini-Loans Online without paperwork

The way to order fast Mini-credits with payment of money instantly is very similar in all online financials, some of which we have detailed in the table above.

First you have to access the lender’s website and on the first page you will find a selector where you have to choose the amount you need and the time it will return it. As we have indicated at the beginning, in the first credit only admit up to 300 euros, except for excpetions and in some cases grant the first free to promote your brand and make yourself known.

Once the amount and deadline has been selected, a second page of the website will be sent, where they will offer you a form to fill in your personal and economic data. In this case it indicates the DNI or Resident Card, name and surname, address and then must inform of a savings account number or current account where they pay the money of the mini-credit.

Fill out the form with what you earn each month and in what concept, payroll, unemployment, grants, rents etc and you may have to send some document by email as a copy of the ID or the booklet.

Once these procedures are completed, in just a few minutes they send a message to your cell phone or they call you by phone and if your request has been accepted, they pay the money instantly in just a few minutes.

Requirements requested by the Financial Fast Credit Online

The same thing happens with the steps to follow to ask for fast loans, the companies that are dedicated to loan urgent money, request similar requirements and these are the most general:

– Be between the ages of 21 and 70 and be residents of Spain
– Having DNI or Resident Card in force not expired.
– Have a mobile phone with an operative line where they send you SMS messages and can call you.
– Have an account opened in a Bank or Savings Bank in which you must be the owner.
– Have an email necessary to send documents and contract to sign.
– Demonstrate periodic income that does not necessarily have to be payroll. Unemployment, grants, rents, pending payments etc. are valid.
– Most of these companies demand that you do not have Financial credit institutions or RAI although there are exceptions if what is owed in Financial credit institutions is not much and you do not know why you stopped paying another loan or card.

hypocredit: Get € 300 free mini-credits without interest or commissions

hypocredit: Get € 300 free mini-credits without interest or commissions

The company hypocredit has specialized in fast loans without papers and in small occasional financing, making very good campaigns to attract customers in Spain. Its commercial advantage lies in the fact that when you contract the first fast credit with them of up to € 300, it is free and they do not charge you any commission or interest and you can return the loan within 30 days. During these days you only have to pay back the money and hypocredit being the first time you hire them will not charge you anything in commissions or interests. That is, it can be considered that grants free credits without interest

Within its website there is the option to choose the amount that we request within the platform between 50 euros and 300 euros, also selecting the term in which we will return the money and give us the option to choose between 7 and 30 days. Once the money and the return period have been selected, we fill in a contact form with our personal data and after a few minutes, hypocredit will reply by email or SMS to the mobile phone informing us if they give us the mini-credit or they do not give it to us.

If the credit is authorized, proceeds to pay in 10 minutes.

To request the quick credits without payroll of in the following link:

Comunitae: Credits between individuals, get up to 6,000 euros without cancellation fees.

P2P loans among individuals is a widespread modality in England and the United States of America through which the same users of the platform are the ones who lend the money, thereby obtaining a better return than if they left it for a fixed term.

The amounts that Comunitae offers in its urgent loans without endorsement range from € 600 to € 6,000, so that within 10 minutes we could have the money borrowed. As an advantage it can be highlighted that the loan can be canceled without paying cancellation fees and interest in certain amounts.

Comunitae is becoming a real alternative to traditional banking although in Spain its mentality is not yet taking this concept of social credit.

Bankil: Get up to 6000 euros urgent loans without questions.

Bankil: Get up to 6000 euros urgent loans without questions.

The company Bankil is the one that has the most reputation in Europe at the time of granting quick credits without endorsement. Bankil has been working in Spain for several years and is endorsed by the Bank of Spain as a safe company.

Its offer of financial products is varied and depending on the amount that we request and the return period in which we deliver the money, offering credits on its website ranging from € 500 to € 6000, with a maximum return period of loaned up to 4 years. The Bankil motto on its website: Get up to 6,000 euros, without fees or commissions – Without Aval and Without explanations – Without having to change banks.

Rebank: Minicreditos without payroll 300 euros in 15 minutes:

Rebank: Minicreditos without payroll 300 euros in 15 minutes:

Many people always ask the same question: I need money and I need it already, because if this is your case entering Rebank’s website you can request the amount of euros you need within the time period you choose and you will be immediately answered in response to your credit request communicating if they grant you the money or not.

In the event that your application is accepted within one hour, you will receive the money in your checking account without any paperwork or additional procedures. Requirements mini- loans credits without payroll or endorsement, payment of money in 15 minutes. Advantages: grants you quick credit without documentation and urgent loans without paperwork. Just to report your data, the number of your savings book, a mobile phone and an email where you communicate your decision and future communications.

New Credit: Mini-credits 600 euros without papers or endorsements:

This company based in the city of Barcelona belongs to the financial group Flash Credit and specializes in instant loans and fast loans without papers to be returned within a period of 21 days. Recruitment is online through their website and money is granted instantly as long as it is done during office hours.

Some of their conditions is that they do not give financing to people without work without a stable payroll or who do not have a pension therefore if you are unemployed or self-employed do not apply for the loan and you will save time. The acceptance of the application is through electronic confirmation by email where you will be asked for some documents to confirm your data such as: Photocopy of ID, copy of the bank card where they made the deposit and copy of the last pension or payroll. This data check usually does not last long and soon after you enter the money in your bank’s current account. Requirements fast credits without payroll in New Credit: with payroll and without guarantors or guarantees.

Eicredit: Get Payroll Loans up to € 500 in just 15 minutes

Another company specializing in quick mini-loans without a payroll of money amounts of up to 500 euros is Eicredit. The payment terms are 30 days and they do not ask for any type of document, they study the quick loan without documentation.

The interest payable is assigned based on the amount of money requested and as soon as they approve your loan, they deposit it in your bank within a maximum period of 15 minutes, as well as the commercial advantage that Eicredit offers us. It gives us the opportunity to delay payment in 7, 15 or even 30 days depending on what best interests us to meet the return period.

Viloan: Get Loans without endorsement 500 € in 10 minutes.

Your loan offers are usually between € 50 and € 500 with a return period of 30 days. Viloan is a formal company in the mini-credit sector and one of the last companies to join the loan market.

The name of the company that protects it in Sucredito SL. If you need money try to look at your credits. In Viloan they offer quick credits without endorsement, without payroll and without paperwork, all the processing is done online and with money instantly.
An example of credit in Viloan would be to ask for 500 euros and 655 euros are returned after 30 days for which he would pay 155 euros of interest and expenses.

Viloan customer service at the following times: 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, Friday until 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. caspher contact phone 910 052 004

MaskCreditor: Request Quick Credits without documentation:

MaskCreditor: Request Quick Credits without documentation:

Give € 400 on your first loan and FREE without fees, only the amount requested is returned and already. The repayment terms of MaskCreditor are staggered and we can choose them as long as we do not exceed 30 days.

They do not ask us for any guarantee or guarantee for the paperwork and the only limitations that they put in order to grant us the credit are: to have a mobile phone in our name, not appear in the list of defaulters like Financial credit institutions or Eqifax and have an age between 21 and 65 years Therefore, if we meet these requirements, it is most likely that they will grant us the credit.

Guobank quick credits without paperwork from 50 to 600 euros in minutes

Guobank quick credits without paperwork from 50 to 600 euros in minutes

Guobank is an online finance company belonging to the same group as Ayos Cash within the group of companies DFC Global Corp and grants loans from 50 euros to 600 to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days. The credit is requested in the same way as in the rest of Internet financial institutions, through its application form on the web or in the bank that we show below. They are quick loans without payroll and without Guobank guarantors that pay you the cash in few minutes with credit in your savings book.

The requirements to ask for money in Guobank are the usual in these cases: Be between 18 and 65 years old, be a resident in Spain, have income that shows you can return the money requested and have at hand the ID, bank account or passbook of savings and the mobile phone number and an email. With this information, fill out the form and in a few minutes they answer you.

quabank: Get € 10,000 to pay in 5 years.

If you need large amounts of money this may be your best option since quabank grants credit up to € 10,000, once the loan request is made the operation will take 1 day to be analyzed for approval. The return of the money can reach up to 60 months to go quiet with the cancellation of the credit and you can also choose the fees vary from 15 euros to 500 euros per month.

On your website you can contract it online and the loan is fully editable for you, thinking about your specific characteristics and you will be able to see a simulation inside your web page so that you can compose your ideal configuration, seeing how the installments and the installments to be paid would be future. each month.

Via SMS fast online loans with Financial credit institutions up to 600 euros

The Fast Loan Company with payment in 10 minutes ViaSMS has changed its commercial name to Twinero, the rest of the conditions being the same and the legal company that supports it VIA SMS MINICREDIT, SL remains the same.

In Twinero (formerly ViaSMS) offer online loans without payroll with immediate payment of money with Financial credit institutions less than 1000 euros and under the following conditions:

– Have an age between 21 and 65 years
– Do not have Financial credit institutions or that the unpaid debt in Financial credit institutions be less than 1,000 euros.
– Accept requests without documentation.
– The first loan is 300 euros maximum and successively you can reach 600 euros.
– Immediate payment of account in one of these Banks: Maxinia, Bankate, Bankiat, KantyuLama, PopularesBank, Creditoriol. Immediate money in your bank account in Maxinia, Bankate, Bankiat, KantyuLama, PopularesBank or Creditoriol.

To ask for money in VIA SMS, the first one is requested on the web and the rest can already be requested with SMS messages. It can be ordered in the financial detailed in the table above:

Sun Credit: Fast loans without paperwork up to € 600 quickly.

Sun Credit: Fast loans without paperwork up to € 600 quickly.

From your home and at a time requesting it from the website of Sol Credit you can request money that will be delivered to your bank account after being approved. In addition, Sel Loanes is one of the few companies that grant quick credits to self-employed workers.

With your simulators you can control how much money you need exactly, then fill in the personal contact information and the company works on the report to decide whether to grant you the credit or not. It is another company where they let you customize your request for money in terms of deadlines and fees. In the beginning if you are a new client you can only request 600 € but if you continue working with them you can get to request up to 3,000 euros.

Ayos Cash: Easy microcredits online up to € 600 within 1 hour

The amounts of quick loans without payroll that can be obtained through Ayos Cash are between 50 and 600 euros in your first proposal when applying for a loan. If there are no problems in this loan and the agreed repayment terms are met, the amounts of the following credits increase up to 400 euros in the second application, until reaching 600 € in successive applications.

The return period is in 30 days and they give you the money in one hour from when we ask for it.

You can request a quick loan without payroll and without paperwork in Ayos Cash at the following link:

CashMo Urgentes Online Loans in 12 minutes up to 5,000 Euros

The online financial CashMo belonging to the group Palpitech Holding SSL GmbH grants immediate loans in record time. In just 5 simple steps you can submit the application through its website www.CashMo.e s leaving your personal and bank information with indication of your income by payroll or pension and in a few minutes you make the offer of the amount that You can grant it.

Then if you accept, in just 12 minutes you will have the money in your account.

CashMo offers fast personal online loans up to 5,000 euros depending on your income and ability to pay and with a return period of 48 months depending on the amount borrowed.

Select one of the online financials that we show in the table above to the top of the page to request your fast online credit without payroll or paperwork or personal loans of greater amount:

Provide credits without paperwork up to 400 euros

In Cashnope financial online you can have up to 400 euros in 10 minutes without paperwork and without questions.

Requirements to request money in Cashnope: Be of legal age, have a checking account or savings booklet where they pay the loan money, a mobile phone where they communicate by SMS and an email.

To apply for a loan at Cashnope, you do not need to be working but you will have to justify that you have regular income such as a pension or other income for other reasons such as rent, help, paid work, etc.
You can also ask for money while unemployed or unemployed if you are cashing unemployed with the condition that you inform the financial institution when your situation has changed.

To ask for loans without paperwork and even being in the payment in Cashnope, do it in the following link:

Cashmoter: immediate online loans up to € 300 in 10 minutes.

Cashmoter: immediate online loans up to € 300 in 10 minutes.

We are before one of the companies that has specialized in online mini-credits from € 50 to return in a very short period of time that can range from one day to 1 month.

In Cashmoter you have the option to get the money through your bank account or by collecting the money in a cashier of the Hal-Cash network. The hiring is done online and if you need fast money since you have little time left for the payment of small amounts it can be a good alternative. In 10 minutes they answer you and inform you about whether or not they grant you fast credits without papers and what are the terms of paying the loan that will vary depending on the amounts between 1 and 30 days, this is so fast because you do not need papers, or payroll or change bank.

Zengga: Fast loans of € 200 in 5 minutes.

Its offer is based on personal online loans of small amounts of money that starts from 200 euros in a period of 20 days with an added cost in concept of fees up to 400 euros for regular customers with a delivery of 30 days. In addition Zengga uses loyalty discounts for its clients of up to 30% of savings although it does request more requirements than the previous ones, including the condition of residing in Spain and having a minimum age of at least 21 years.

To apply for online loans with immediate payment of Zengga at the following link:

OneLoan immediate loans in 15 minutes:

OneLoan is a new finance company that offers immediate loans with payment in 15 minutes and as a launch offer grants credits of 400 euros free, without guarantees or paperwork, that is, you receive 400 euros and after 30 days returns only the loaned capital of 400 euros.

In OneLoan you can also request personal loans if you need amounts over 400 euros or car loans where you can request the amount you need and the financial analyzes your case informing you of the outcome of your decision quickly.

The process of requesting money in OneLoan is very simple and with just a few clicks and without presenting documents and with few explanations they give you an answer in a short time. Now you can Request your immediate loan in OneLoan in the access that we provide below.

Credithurry: It gives you up to 10,000 euros to pay in 5 years.

Credithurry: It gives you up to 10,000 euros to pay in 5 years.

Just like Comunitae is a private P2P loan company, its competitive advantage is that it is a good option to get low interest loans and investors can earn more money than in a bank. Currently, Credithurry has changed its name to market the credits to Bondora

The amounts with which Credithurry now works Bondora, ranging between € 500 and € 10,000, up to 5 years and the approval system for quick loans is made by auction among all investors who intend to participate in the loan requested.

Creditport: Miniprestamos only with the DNI without paperwork.

From Creditport you can choose to get minicréditos without payroll between 50 and 500 euros although as the only requirement will ask you not to be on the list of Financial credit institutions.

The repayment period that they usually put their clients in loans is 30 days. Regarding the acceptance of the credit varies depending on the time at which you apply for the credit because if you do it during office hours from 9:00 in the morning to 20:30 in the afternoon you will be granted the money in only ten minutes Advantages immediate payment of the money in account when having account in several banks.

Crudestiloan: Minicreditos instantly without paperwork 500 € already in 10 minutes.

This financial Crudestiloan can finance you from 50 euros for a period of 15 days to 400 € in terms of 1 month. You can obtain your credit without guarantees or guarantees since they do not usually carry out very thorough studies of the viability of the application.

In 10 minutes they will manage the approval of the loan quickly and without endorsement and the only thing they will ask for later is the DNI, NIE or Passport and a bank account in your name so that they can make the transfer of the money.

By not asking for as many salary requirements or guarantees as other financiers do, they are taking a risk and that is why their interests tend to be somewhat higher than normal.

But if you have a fixed employment contract and therefore a payroll domiciled, it is possible that to get fast money, you are more interested in asking for a loan at a bank where the interest charged will be cheaper and you can ask for more money.

As we have indicated before, the online financial quick loans can give you the money in 10 minutes but it will be much more expensive to pay more than 3,000% of APR and the amount to ask will be very small. However, in banks the interest will be around 10% for fast personal loans that if we include commissions, the TAA will be approximately 15%.

As you can understand, the difference is substantial. However, as is logical, they will ask for more paperwork and documents and will take a little longer.

Also in the banks to have quick money, you can request a credit card, remember credit card and not debit card to cash out and ask the bank to return the balance of the card in deferred payments in months. In this way, with no need to explain or make a new loan request, you have easy money up to the limit of the card.

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